Welcome To HYHY

Hot Yoga Healthy You prides itself as a studio that aims to make Yoga accessible to everyone. Here are a few things to know coming in for your first visit.

What Do You Need For Class?

Yoga Mat (If you don’t have one, you can rent one from us, first time’s free!)

Water (To stay hydrated in class)

Towel (To wipe off as you sweat)

No shoes required

Light fitting clothing to be able to move easily in

Frequently Asked Questions

What class should I take first?

We recommend trying Power Flow 1 or Hot Fusion on your first class if you’ve never taken a yoga class before. If you go to the gym already or have a workout regimen in place, Sculpt is a great class to start with.

We do recommend taking all classes within the first week, however, as we provide variations for all skill levels and body types in our classes.

Nervous about the heat? 

Power Flow 1 classes are less heated, and are great to try as an introduction to the heat.

Do I need to be flexible or in shape to go to yoga? 

No previous yoga or even workout experience is needed. Our teachers are trained to give you different options for your specific needs, and all classes are customizable.

How is yoga different than other stretching or fitness classes?

Yoga is not only a physical workout, but aims to connect mind/body/spirit – Allowing the body to feel strong, flexible, and stable, as well as energy-balance through focusing on your breathing, and awareness of your how thoughts effect your movements. Not only will you get a good sweat, but you will also have opportunities to set intentions, be aware of old patterns and create newer, stronger ones.

How fast will I see improvements?

You may experience improvements and benefits as fast as  within your first class, but for lasting benefits we recommend taking class at least 3 times a week. Within just a few weeks, you’ll start to notice shifts in your mindset, flexibility & strength levels, and endurance. If you’re coming with aches and pains, you may even notice that they start to feel better.

The Right Mindset for Yoga Success

Yoga meets you where YOU are. 

Avoid judging yourself and be okay with taking it one day at a time. Everyone is different – The true benefit of yoga is self-awareness, and learning more about yourself. No need to compare your practice and results to anyone else.  In yoga, if you’re learning, you’re winning!

Come with an open mind.

All of our teachers are unique and have different perspectives on how to up level your practice. Also, every class has different benefits that help for other classes. Come in with an open mind and see what you can take from every instructor & every class format.

The benefits are in the challenges.

Remember that if you’re new to something, everything will feel challenging at first. Use challenge as an indicator that you’re headed in the right direction. Learn to be okay with, and even love the any challenges that you experience. Each challenge that we face has the ability to show us an area that we have forgotten about, so know that if you are challenged, you are receiving benefits!