Based in Power Yoga, our classes are suitable for all levels, and designed to challenge your range of motion, strength, endurance, balance, & focus, while using yoga mindfulness tools for mental self-discovery.

Whether you are brand new looking to explore yoga & fitness for the first time, or a movement enthusiast, we have a class for you. We aim to offer variations for all skill-levels and body types.

Power Flow (1 & 2)

Power flow classes move at a faster, but controlled pace and focuses on breath with movement to provide a meditative, flowing, continuous, breath-to-movement sequence of yoga postures that hits all major movement functions of the body to challenge your strength, flexibility, and endurance. This class is a great overall yoga workout that will leave you feeling invigorated as a whole.
Know before you go:
  • Our Power Flow 1 class is great for beginners, as we break down & focus on foundational yoga postures seen in most yoga classes.98 degrees, 40% humidity
  • Our Power Flow 2 class is a well rounded yoga flow that is still tailored to fit beginners, but will offer options & customizations to suit different skill levels and body types. Great for learning new postures and challenging yourself to learn different flows & transitions. 98 degrees, 40% humidity.

HOT FUSION (45, 60, and 90 minute formats)

Hot Fusion moves at a slower pace and focuses on holds for focus, flexibility, and balance. It blends elements of the original Hot Yoga (also known as Bikram Yoga)  with Vinyasa yoga to give a continuous, but slower flow to enhance your focus and attention to detail through longer holds and balancing postures. This class is great for circulation and flushing the system, and includes core & back work to combat back pain, as well as strengthens your joints.  This class is great for people who like consistency and familiarity, as it is the same sequence every time.
Know before you go:
  • Great for improving focus, balance, & flexibility.
  • All-levels class, but beginner friendly.
  • Same sequence every time, great if you like consistency .
  • In Studio: 98-103 Degrees with 40-50% Humidity


Sculpt is a fitness class moves at a faster pace and focuses on repetitions of fitness exercises for, muscle building, strength and endurance.It is a yoga-inspired class that is a combination of yoga postures with weightlifting, cardio, and plyometrics (explosive movements great for boosting metabolism). This class is set to upbeat popular & electronic music and is quick-paced to keep your heart rate up, and is a perfect balance to all of our yoga classes. 
Know before you go:
  • Great for yogis looking to improve strength, tone, boost metabolism, and endurance.
  • All-Levels, variations will be given for all body types and skill levels.
  • No exercise experience is necessary.
  • We provide weights for you.
  • No shoes required.
  • 94 degrees, No added Humidity